Sunday, March 25, 2012

Make a Red Pout!

It’s a season for the ‘reds’. This bold sultry pout now comes as a versatile fashion accessory to be teamed with almost any outfit. What more? You get a stunning look with your red lips!
You can have different looks with red:

Here, you keep your eye make-up simple. Why? All attention must be focused on your lips. For your eyes, apply mascara to highlight them and then, line your lips with a red lip liner before applying your lipstick.

This look can be achieved by using a foundation to create a matte finish in your skin tone. Play up the drama in your eyes by lining them with some smoky charcoal eyeliner and then smudging it slightly. Darker shades of red lipstick work best with this look and your lips can be accentuated with a plum lip liner.
Having a flawless skin? Pair a bright shade of red lipstick with a dash of pretty blush on your cheekbones. The eyes can be emphasised by liquid eyeliner in black, a coat or two of mascara or a neat set of false lashes.


Though hard to play down, red lips could be combined with tinted moisturiser and perhaps some bronzer to create a gorgeous, ‘barely there’ look for your natural eyes.
If you find it hard to wear red lipstick due to your facial features, skin tone or favoured dress colour, why not experiment on other shades of red lipsticks? Test the shades on your lips and view the result in natural light. You may very well find that a darker tone, leaning more toward the brown end of the spectrum suits you.
When applying…
• Choose a shade of red that you feel comfortable with, one that is still bold enough to make a statement.  Select a fun red to complement your skin tone – if you are on the warm side, stick with golden-based reds, and if your skin has cool undertones, opt for more blue-based shades. Basic, rich red colours are universal if you are having doubts.
• Set your lips with foundation or concealer to give a blank, unified canvas that your lip colour can glide onto. This also helps with the staying power. Swipe some clear gloss over the red to keep the look light and moist.
• Lastly, stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out slowly between your lips to wipe away any excess colour that could otherwise end up on your teeth.
Steps to having luscious lips
1. Scrub your lips with lip scrub and brush your lips gently-your lips are soft and healthier.
2. Apply your lip moisturiser.
3. Apply a thin layer of foundation or a lip primer. This will give you a base to start and the lipstick will stay on much longer.
4. Line your lips or you can colour your lips completely with your lip pencil.
5. Apply a coat of the lipstick.
6. Blot your lips with a tissue
7. Then apply another thin layer.
8. Wear a lip gloss on top in blank or the same colour as the lipstick.


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